JASMINE. German. Borussia Dortmund. Real Madrid. Arsenal.


Congrats Germany on winning the World Cup!


neymar did not die for this

Ronaldo: *scores three goals*
Haters: He's selfish, arrogant
Ronaldo: *passes and defends the whole game in favor of shooting*
Haters: Ronaldo didn't do anything all game
Ronaldo: *gets paid a lot*
Haters: No passion for the game, in it for money
Ronaldo: *celebrates a goal like crazy*
Haters: No respect for opponents celebrating like that
Ronaldo: *sneezes*
Haters: This is why I hate him, he used his hand to cover his mouth instead of his forearm. Fuck him

is whatsapp also not working for you guys rn?


God, I love this game.